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Colchester Weightlifting has four core values of which we will do our upmost to uphold at all times.

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We will strive to give our members the best possible experience in the sport of weightlifting.


It is a sport full of ups and downs and we will always be there to support and guide our members through the tougher parts and enjoying the successes they achieve to the maximum. 

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This will be the base from which we build Colchester Weightlifting.


It is important for us that everyone who walks into the gym feels that they are welcomed and can have the opportunity to be an integral part of the club. We are excited to develop a group of people who support each other and want the best for every other person. 

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This is the value that will take our club
and its members forwards.


We will endeavour to make sure the club keeps moving to improve its services and member experiences. This goes beyond the numbers lifted and the kit in the racks; this is our commitment to helping members grow as individuals, learn skills that they can confidently take into the rest of their life and have the opportunity to achieve their aspirations within the sport. 

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We will strive to be transparent in our approach to running Colchester Weightlifting and will always do what's best for Colchester Weightlifting as a club and as a community.


This will be achieved through regular and clear conversation between the members, Colchester Weightlifting’s owners and the coaching staff.

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