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Meet the team

Andrew Kearton

Owner & Head Coach

Qualifications: BWL Level 2 & Competition Licence

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Experience:  10+ years

Occupation:  Owner/Head Coach


Favourite Lift: Both of them!!


I have been involved in Weightlifting for over 10 years. After successful time as a competitive Powerlifter during my early 20s, my coach at the time, Ron Brett encouraged me to try weightlifting which I fell in love with instantly and enjoyed the training immensely. Unfortunately, my coach Ron moved away and so i took a break and moved into long distance running. 

I ventured back into weightlifting in my mid 30s (After watching the Olympics in 2012) and now compete as a masters lifter, nationally and internationally. 

I love coaching the sport of weightlifting as it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and reward, especially when a new athlete walks through the door and starts their journey into the sport of Weightlifting

Things you might not know about me....

I have played drums professionally for over 30 years and have had my band's music featured in lots of American films and tv! I lived in Los Angeles and played gigs there for 2 years. 


I also hold a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Korean Karate

Colchester Weightlifting Seb Biggins.jpg

Seb Biggins

Coach & Talent Academy Youth Coach

Qualifications: BWL Level 2 & Level 3 Personal Trainer

Experience:  6 years 

Occupation: Sports Therapist & Practice Educator

Favourite Lift: Snatch


I began Olympic Weightlifting 6 years ago after becoming frustrated with powerlifting and general strength training - it lacked the technical and mental challenges I needed to stimulate and motivate me. After watching weightlifting for several months, it tickled something which other training styles never had, and after my first Olympic Weightlifting session I was hooked - it was fast, technical, challenging and forced me to think. For me, weightlifting presents an addictive sense of achievement. I love it because there's always more to learn and never-ending challenges.

As well as working as a qualified Sports Therapist, I am also a Practice Educator at the University of Essex. I feel passionately about bringing my knowledge and skills to Colchester Weightlifting, working with our athletes to help prevent and resolve any injuries that may occur,

Things you might not know about me...

My previous sporting history involves rugby, tennis and cycling - I'm also currently planning some mountain hikes, starting with Snowdon.


I can play the piano. 
My favourite food is literally anything Thai, Korean or Malaysian.

I am obsessed with my Cocker Spaniel, Che!

Colchester Weightlifting Heather Burt.jpg

Heather Barker

Coach & Talent Academy Youth Coach

Qualifications: BWL Level 2 & Technical Official Licence

Experience:  6 years

Occupation: Accountant

Favourite Lift: Clean and Jerk

My introduction to weightlifting came when I took part in a 10 week weightlifting course at the crossfit gym I was a member of and as result discovered I wasn’t completely terrible at it. I made the decision to switch my focus over and competed at my first British Championships four months later, the rest is history.

Since then I have competed nationally four more times, including a silver medal at the 2019 English Championships.  I also got to compete in Montreal at the 2019 Masters World Championships.

Weightlifting is my passion, I live for that feeling when you walk out onto the platform to take that first lift or the high after a PB and recently, I have also discovered the joy I feel when helping other people to realise their own potential in a coaching capacity.

Things you might not know about me...

I have always participated in competitive sport including swimming and equestrianism - I even used to compete in high jump for my school athletics team...shocking for someone of my height!

Outside of weightlifting in my limited spare time I enjoy walking (mostly with my dog Todd), cooking, reading and spending time with my daughter who is also a youth member at Colchester Weightlifting!

Colchester Weightlifting Emily Alcock.jpg

Emily Alcock

Club Captain & Technical Official

Qualifications: Technical Official Licence 

Experience:  6 years

Occupation: Operations Analyst

Favourite Lift: Snatch 


I first tried weightlifting in 2017 after I was advised to take up weight training to aid the symptoms I was experiencing with my hyper mobility. Before long, I was absolutely hooked! I loved training in such a friendly and sociable environment and for the first time in my life, I was actually enjoying a sport rather than simply exercising. 

I love challenging myself as a weightlifter and would love to compete nationally one day. I also enjoy learning about the technical aspects of the sport.

Things you might not know about me...

In addition to my day job in the insurance industry, I am also a qualified eye lash technician. 

If I am not at work or in the gym, you will most likely find me reading, shopping or out eating with friends and family.

Colchester Weightlifting Clair Fiddaman.jpg

Clair Fiddaman

Technical Official

Qualifications: Technical Official Licence 

Experience:  7 years

Occupation: Senior Business Analyst

Favourite Lift: Snatch 


I got in to weightlifting via CrossFit. I found I got much more enjoyment from lifting heavy things than doing lots of burpees! I then discovered that, due to my age, I could qualify for Masters competitions, so I began to take my training a lot more seriously and since 2017 I have competed in numerous national competitions, gaining a number of titles and even a British Record!


I absolutely love weightlifting and the buzz it gives me when a lift goes really well!

Things you might not know about me...

I was a netball nut from high school playing up to County level, but a rupture of my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my right knee, and a further operation on the same knee ended my netball days.


I lived in California for 18 months in 2000/1.

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