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"Having trained in commercial gyms for years largely on my own, I can't speak highly enough of the culture and training environment at CWL. The support from Zac and Laura along with the coaches, boosted by teammates encouraging one another is so much more enjoyable and productive than the cattle-market drone of your average high street gym. 


The club training program is targeted specifically at progressing your weightlifting skill and strength. It's well-structured and if you're willing to put the work in seems to produce universally fantastic results.

I've been a member of the club for about 7 months now and have never been happier lifting weights!"

Dave Wall - March 2023

"My daughter joined the club as an absolute beginner in 2022, and I would stay in the Gym for the full session whilst her coach took her through the initial basic movement lessons.


Now, I’m left at the door as she runs in to see her friends.


The club has had such a positive impact on her life and after less than a year she’s getting ready for her second competition.


Laura and Zac have created something special here, there’s such a good feeling in the club filled with amazing role models, and I feel incredibly fortunate that we found it."

Sean Cormack - March 2023

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"I have been a member of Colchester Weightlifting since December 2020 and it has become a big part of my life and opened many doors for me. I started this for fun and to improve my back health/strength, but I was surprised to have found a real home at Colchester Weightlifting. Everyone is so friendly and the support you feel while lifting and even chatting between sets is a community I have never found anywhere else. I used to play football and had struggled with the atmosphere at times, but when starting weightlifting I couldn't believe how welcoming everyone was. Since starting I have gone from thinking of the sport as a form of physiotherapy to now competing in the sport, training at regional level, and even doing an extra college course at Loughborough in weightlifting. The team of coaches at Colchester Weightlifting are all lovely people and are great at what they do. They have not only supported me through training but are the main reason for why I got these opportunities and why I had the confidence to say yes to them. So I say come to Colchester Weightlifting because the sport and the people are great fun, and who knows where your journey with us will take you, so come be part of the team!"

Michael Tuckwell - March 2023

"Colchester Weightlifting is a great place to train. A supportive and collegiate atmosphere makes each session a pleasure to attend.


I joined from more of a CrossFit background and I have seen a marked increase in the consistency of my lifting since focusing on weightlifting full time.


The gym itself is well equipped with a wide selection of quality bars, platforms and plates. The coaching staff are all knowledgeable and have a great eye for the right cue / constructive suggestions depending on the day you are having."

Toby Colquhoun - March 2023

"I have known Zac and Laura for several years. Both are very passionate about Weightlifting so when they opened Colchester Weightlifting it was a no-brainer to be a member and join them in their journey as gym owners. 


Colchester Weightlifting is such a welcoming place whether you're a beginner, experienced, young or not so young!


The equipment is high quality and the members are all super supportive.


Come along and have a go!"

Clair Fiddaman - April 2023

"Over the time Zac and I have worked together I have seen vast improvements in my weightlifting technique and ability. Zac’s understanding of his athletes has driven my personal success as he takes a holistic approach to coaching. His programming is tailored to the specificity of his athlete’s needs as well as supportive of their goals and future ambitions and his vast knowledge and experience is evident through feedback and analysis; finding various ways to successfully build on technique. I feel fully involved and motivated to achieve my personal aims within the sport with Zac’s guidance and support."

Hannah Westow - 2021

"I first wanted to work with Zac as I was drawn to his attention to detail with existing clients, his passion for helping people achieve their goals and his no nonsense approach! (Which I need!) If you work with Zac, be prepared to work hard and trust the process. It was honestly the best decision I made with regards to pushing my training further. 


Zac is great at keeping you accountable, he is methodical in his coaching approach and most of all, he explains exactly why you are doing what you are programmed and how it is feeding your goals. Meaning I am bought into the exercises I am doing, because I understand their purpose. 


I would highly recommend working with Zac and there is honestly no one else I would turn to for programming on my weightlifting journey!"

Rosie Hadley - 2021

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