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Welcome to the club

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves... 


Colchester Weightlifting is a sports club specialising in Olympic Weightlifting, conveniently located in north Colchester just off the A12.

Our vision is to run a community-based club open to all ages and abilities, where members feel valued and welcome. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, enjoyable and challenging experience for all, from the moment you join us, all the way through to achieving your personal goals and aspirations.


As well as offering a safe and enjoyable pathway into the sport for beginners, we also specialise in providing the professional coaching and optimal training environment necessary for sporting performance, always looking to develop members within the club to be strong, successful and healthy.





Our core values

01_Core values_28-07-2020-01.png


This will be the base from which we build Colchester Weightlifting.

01_Core values_28-07-2020-03.png


We will strive to give our members the best possible experience in the sport of weightlifting. 

01_Core values_28-07-2020-04.png


We will strive to be transparent in
our approach to running Colchester Weightlifting and will always do what's best for Colchester Weightlifting as a community.

01_Core values_28-07-2020-02.png


This is the value that will take our club and its members forwards.

Meet the team

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